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Information Security is incomplete without you. Test early, be aware and be secure.

Evolving security threats and vulnerabilities present an on-going challenge to organisations on how to maximise and select the most appropriate security solution and technology that is not only feasible, scalable, but also effectively protect the organisation critical information assets, while at the same time meet the various regulatory compliance or standards requirements.

To help the organisation evaluate vendors’ proposed security technology and solutioning deployed, our team of experienced consultant is able to provide an independent (vendor neutral) advice through our structured approach and methodology assessment process, which include:

  • Understanding the business requirement and objectives
  • Analysis of existing Organisation Security functions, capabilities and risk exposure (e.g. Gap Analysis)
  • Analysis of proposed vendor security solutioning and Technology subscription
  • Outcome and residual risk exposure

Our delivery from the comprehensive analysis and assessment would substantially help the management identify areas of improvement, outcomes and minimise any inherent or potential security risk that are uncovered or introduce.