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You can't hold Security devices accountable for any breach. You can only hold human accountable.

Information Security Awareness play an important contributing factor in helping employees understand the importance of IT security and their role that they can play in securing the Organisation information assets by recognising the potential threats and responding accordingly in their daily activities.

By educating your employees, you can reduce the chances that your organization will become a victim of today's data security threats and ensure that all employees can respond accordingly should a potential incident occur.

Vectra Information SecurityofferstailoredSecurity Awareness content to meet the requirements and objectives of anorganisation.The Security Awareness can be designed to deliver up-to-date information on specific area of interests or concerns.

What are the benefits choosing us?

  • Our core business and focus is in area of information security
  • We have delivered numerous security awareness briefing/seminars to hundreds and thousands of technical and non-technical audience from the Government & Statutory Board as well as large Enterprise customer.